How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Glasses Frames

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Plastic glasses are durable, lightweight and inexpensive, but the plastic lenses and frame can become scratched easily. If you don’t mind replacing your glasses, you can purchase a new pair should scratches become an issue. However, this can become quite costly, especially if you are prone to getting scratches on your frames or lenses.

Luckily, removing the scratches is a quick, cheap and easy process. This process is very useful, especially for children’s eyeglasses which frequently have plastic frames. Read on to learn how to buff scratches from plastic glasses frames quickly and easily.

Remove Scratches from Plastic Glasses

How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Glasses Frames

Using a soft cotton or wool cloth and a small amount of non-abrasive (children’s or sensitive) toothpaste, rub the frames with a circular motion to buff the scratches out of the lenses. Move in little circles for about 10 seconds per scratch. Rinse using cool water, shake the water off and dry your glasses.

If you have deep or stubborn scratches, you will have to repeat this process a few times. Keep doing it until the scratches are completely removed.

If you find that your frames or lenses have anti-scratch coating, you will have to rub this layer off completely before you can make any attempt at removing the scratches from your frames. Removing this layer will not cause any damage to your frames or lenses, but you must be aware that your glasses are more likely to get scratches without it. However, you can’t remove the scratches if this coating is still there.

Another solution to buffing the scratches from plastic glasses frames is baking soda. Start by making a thick paste with the baking soda and some water. Apply this paste to a cotton cloth and buff it in a circular movement. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and dry your glasses carefully. As per the toothpaste method, you may need to repeat this process a few times depending on how stubborn or deep the scratch is.

You can also remove scratches from your plastic frames using a glass etching product. These creams contain hydrofluoric acid which removes the lens’s outer coating, allowing you to gain access to the scratches.

Don’t use this product if your lenses are made from glass; this solution is for plastic frames and lenses only. Thickly coat your frames with glass etching compound and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and gently wipe your glasses dry. Be sure not to rub the product into your frames. The compound will remove the scratches when removing the outer layer on your frames.

How to Remove Scratches

A great commercially available product that will work wonders for your frames is car wax. Although it is normally used to polish vehicles, it can also be used to fill and remove scratches on your plastic lenses and frames.

Just apply a small amount of the wax to a clean cotton cloth and gently move in a circular motion until all of the scratches are removed. You may have to use a few cloths because the wax adheres to the fabric very well.

Another automotive solution is windshield wiper repellant. This solution has the added benefit that it also repels moisture and dirt, so you do not have to worry about clogged pores around your ears and nose. This product also helps ensure that your glasses do not fog up.

All you have to do is place some of the repellant on a soft cloth and gently polish your frames and lenses for a couple of seconds. This process is great for removing superficial scratches. It is not effective on stubborn or deep scratches.

You can also use brass or silver polish on your plastic frames and lenses. Apply the polish to the frame using a clean cotton cloth and move in a circular motion for a few minutes. You do not need to rinse. Instead, you need to use a clean cloth to wipe the frames to remove excess polish. If your lenses are made from glass, don’t let the polish come into contact with your lenses.

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The above methods are fantastic for removing scratches from your frames and lenses, but you should always use them with care. Ensure that you wash and dry your hands before you start and that you wear gloves if you are using solutions that could affect your skin.

Never use abrasive substances on your frames or lenses as this can cause severe damage. Also consider placing your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them to reduce the chances of your frames getting scratched.

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